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Why use a pregnancy/maternity pillow

One of the greatest feeling is the feeling of carrying your new born baby; it feels even better when there is no complications during the child birth. However, the 9 months process of having a new baby can be hectic and sometimes discomforting as the woman may experience pain in some part of the body and from time to time - coupled with other awful feelings like irritation and sometimes anger. Taking a very good rest can serve as a good solution to this challenge but yet, the resting position and resting material has a role to play in providing you the comfort you and your child needs. And that is why pregnancy and maternity pillow is very important in the home of every pregnant or nursing mother.

Pregnancy maternity pillow best 2018

What is pregnancy and maternity pillow and how does it work:

The pregnancy and maternity pillow is carefully designed to enhance your sleeping comfort when you are pregnant or nursing. It is an understandable fact that choosing a sleeping position during pregnancy is a challenging task for women because their stomach tends to roll along with them in bed with every turn they make. With the pregnancy and maternity pillow, you will have a good sleeping and resting position as the pillow is designed in a good sleeping fashion during pregnancy. Normally, it is not advisable to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy but yet a lot of people unknowingly attempt it; this pillow helps to make sure that such things do not occur. It is designed in side-sleeping fashion and you can even cuddle with it as though you are cuddling your partner.

Pregnancy maternity pillow best 2018

Who needs this pillow and what are the importance?

Most times it is wrongly believed that the pillow is only needed by pregnant women but in the actual sense, the pillow goes beyond pregnancy use - to nursing use. In other words, the pillow is as important to a nursing mother as it is to a pregnant mother. This is because the pillow does not provide comfortable sleeping position alone but also enhances the effectiveness of the child’s feeding after birth.

The importance of the pregnancy and maternity pillow includes:

Providing a full body support for a good sleep:

Pregnancy and maternity pillow is not like the regular pillow that requires your constant turning and re-adjusting in other to get the needed support for your body. Pregnancy and maternity pillow is designed to provide the needed support for the whole body and for a good sleep.

Reduced body pain:

pregnancy has been associated with some degree of body pain and stress as a result of the extra body weight but with the pregnancy and maternity pillow in your home, this pains can be reduced because you will get adequate rest and sleep and your body will be at ease.

Eradicate sleeping discomfort and wrong sleeping position during pregnancy:

The use of pregnancy and maternity pillow helps to take care of sleeping discomfort during pregnancy and the choice of wrong sleeping position (like sleeping on your stomach) this is because of the pillow design which makes provision for the mothers stomach, arms, legs, neck and indeed the whole body to rest comfortably.

Enhances the baby’s feeding:

During breastfeeding, the pregnancy and maternity pillow plays an important role as it helps to give the baby the necessary support needed for proper breastfeeding and also provides arm rest and back rest for the breastfeeding mother.


This pregnancy and maternity pillow features a high quality polyester and cotton material, anti-snore, anti-static, comfortable and relaxing structure and an easy to clean material.
In maintaining your pregnancy and maternity pillow, it is advised to stitch any area that requires stitching before washing and you can wash only the cover if it is removable. Manual fluffing is advisable as it helps to maintain the structure and the bounciness of the pillow. It is best to wash with warm or cold water as hot water can destroy the structure. It is also good to wash your pillow separately to ensure proper cleanliness.

Pregnancy maternity pillow best 2018

pregnancy and maternity pillow

Mixing quality and efficiency, forget about chronic back pain, find your position for a comfortable night and have a good pregnancy with the special pillow for pregnant women

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