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Portable Pocket LED Projector Review 2018 

The portable projectors are a practical and most convenient solution for on the go presentation needs. The great news is that latest technologies have revolutionized their design to a large extent and they have become quite advanced these days. They can easily handle your PowerPoint presentations including sound and video details.

Mini portable projector

The tiny portable pocket LED projector allows users to enjoy high-quality content at any time from anywhere without any restriction. When you want to explore things on a big screen, simply get your tiny gadget out of your pocket and start displaying content at full HD resolution level.
The great news is that this pocket projector gives users an opportunity to enjoy a wonderful life with easy access to content, without even messing with wires. You can control all movements using additional infrared remote control that is included in this package. Buyers will be happy to know that this latest pocket projector can handle 1980p definition with visible 400-600 lumens, 320-240 pixels and 800:1 contrast ratio. So, you can enjoy all your high-quality movies, video games, and adventure videos on the big screen without losing content quality.

Mini portable projector

Incredible Features of Portable Full HD Projector

This tiny pocket projector is designed to offer screen scale of 4:03. This range ensures satisfactory view on flat surfaces and you will never face any trouble to view your presentations.

The optical resolution for his handy projector unit is 320x240 that is enough for general content display.

It simply needs to maintain a projector distance of 0.8 to 2M so you can easily place this projector in any congested place.
Developers have used LCD projection technology to ensure the finest view on flat surfaces.

The maximum resolution supported by this pocket projector is 1920x1080p whereas brightness level varies between 400 and 600 lumens.

It comes with an infrared remote control that assists users with efficient controllability. 

Mini portable projector

Benefit of using the portable projector

Extended Support:
You will be happy to hear that this tiny projector can work with multiple hardware units. It can easily capture data from gaming consoles, set-top boxes, laptop computers, DVD players using simple interfaces such as USB, HDMI, CVBS, AV and TF Card. Hence, it provides users complete flexibility to access any desirable content without any trouble.

Impressive Details:
This pocket projector is designed with LED lamp that supports brightness range between 400 and 600 lumens. Hence, you can view vivid images with crisp details. Its suitable projection size allows users to watch their favorite content on the big screen without any restriction.

Added Portability:
Portable Pocket Projector is designed with a tiny dimension of 12.5x8.5x4.5 cm and its net weight is around 245 grams. It means you can easily carry it anywhere in your pocket or purse without feeling the additional burden.


If you are a frequent content streamer and are searching for a compact display system, it is good to invest in this tiny projector unit. It can help you to enjoy high-quality content irrespective of any restriction related to location.

Mini portable projector

PORTABLE projector

Mixing autonomy, quality and utility, the portable projector will accompany you everywhere

Tara Garber